It would be heartening for every MAcOB to know that Marine Academy Old Boys Association, (MAcOBA) has been revived again after remaining dormant for a long time. This time the initiative was taken by Hammad Khawaja (37th-E) in year 2001, with the help of other MAcOBs from 36th Batch, who put together a team of effective supporters to work day & night for collecting information and data about the MAcOBAS and their whereabouts. They approached the Senior MAcOBAS, the founding President, Capt. Akhlaq (I-N) and Founding General Secretary, C-E Manzoor Hussain (6-E) and also others such as Mr. Mustafa Kamal (14th-N), Capt Ali Asghar (13th-N), Capt. Khursheed Khalid (14th-N), C-E Muzzaffar (19th-E), who with their moral and financial support, enabled the young team to organize an excellent get-together on 1st September 2001 in Karachi. There has been more than 6-Get-Togethers arranged since 2001 in Karachi and Lahore followed by a MAcOBA Magazine & Directory; and Last not least MAcOBA Social Network in year 2011 ( Thus foundations are laid to continue, sustain and to continue achieving MAcOBA Aims & Objectives.

The idea of MAcOBA was initiated by MAcOB CE-Manzoor Hussain (6-E) in the year 1970 during his workshop apprenticeship in KPT Workshop Karachi. After a lengthy process of running around, seeking support of Senior MAcOBS, it was the moral support of Seniors such as Capt. Akhlaq (1-N), CE Turab Ali Khan (1-E), CE Qaiser Asghar (1-E), CE Ali Sarwar (1-E), CE Akbar Ghazi (1-E) and many others, that it was possible to establish and lay its foundations. Support and backing from Cdr (Retd.) Asrarullah and Mr. Nurul Amin, our respectfull and great teachers in Juldia has to be specifically remembered and put on the top levels of the History of MAcOBA. They were ever pleasant, helping and supportive like a loving father to his children. All MAcOBS pay highest tribute and express gratitude for them as well as other teachers and seniors who played any part in the establishment of MAcOBA. The Association was legally registered under Societies Registration Act in Karachi Pakistan in 1971 and remained quite active for about five years during which regular annual functions & get-togethers were held in Karachi which were fondly attended by MAcOBS and their teachers, ex-officers of the Academy and people from marine fraternity. These were significant in promotion of friendship and contact among the MAcOBS, which remains the prime concept behind its foundation. From 1975 and up until now, MAcOBA saw several ups and downs and at times, became very active especially during the Batches 17th & 24th – 26th and one name, which needs to be mentioned specifically is of CE Aftab Alam (17-E) who, with his tremendous efforts, made it very active in those days.

“It is hoped that with the help of modern means of communications & by MAcOBA Social Network the organization will remain long lasting”

It is intended in due course, to chalk out a detailed history of MAcOBA to put on record the contributions made by various MAcOBS and others in the life of MAcOBA for which submissions are requested from all those who are in the knowledge of such contributions and events to help the administrators in compiling of such records.